Prayer is not about being good and having the right words. Prayer is about being honest with myself and with God who already knows my heart. Throughout the Psalms, we read Dangerous Prayers that shake the heavens and move the heart of God. We will explore these Dangerous Prayers and how to pray in our own lives in this 5-part series.




Holy Spirit

Who is The Holy Spirit? Is he a force, a power, a person? The Holy Spirit is always there with you, and will guide you in life. When you feel alone, discouraged, or overwhelmed, The Holy Spirit will strengthen you to live the life God wants for you. Come and explore The Holy Spirit that lives within you and leads you to the life giving power of Jesus and the gospel.

No Other Gospel

If someone asked you to tell them the gospel, what would you say? In the book of Galatians, the Apostle Paul shows us that there is only one gospel that can set us free! However, we are tempted to step away from this one gospel to other ways of life. Galatians is a heartfelt cry of a pastor who loves the people to return to a life in The Spirit of God through the only gospel of Jesus Christ and experience true freedom through Jesus. In Galatians, we learn there is No Other Gospel.

First Things First 

As Christ followers, we have to keep First Things First in our lives. That means the gospel of Jesus has to stay in the center of who we are and how we live. The book of Colossians is an encouraging letter of how to keep Jesus first and everything else second in life.