We are hiring!

We are currently searching for the next Worship Director/Pastor at Heartland Church.  Our convictions, according to what we see in scripture, are that the worship ministry is very much a ministry of the word. Therefore we are looking for a pastor/elder to fill the role of Worship Director/Pastor. Our desire is to find someone who has already been ordained as a pastor/elder or who is both willing and qualified to work toward eldership. You will notice that it is listed as either full-time or part-time. The role, when done by an individual, is a full-time role. Specifically with the shepherding responsibilities. This individual will have similar pastoral care duties as other pastors on staff, which means the responsibilities include far more than simply the music ministry of the church. However, we recognize that many individuals in the worship ministry sphere desire to conduct ministry through song both inside the church and outside the church. In other words, we know some individuals long serve the local church but also have musical involvement outside the church as well. Honestly, this fits well with the culture of Heartland. We believe the main responsibility of staff is to equip the saints for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:12-16). Therefore, if a candidate presents themselves as someone who has the desire to be part-time and we believe him to be the right fit, we will pursue the candidate with the understanding that we will hire an apprentice to assist in the day to day.  Below you will see a snapshot of the job description for the position. To view the full job description click the button below. 


●      Shepherd

○      Intentionally work to not only serve the worship team but shepherd them.

○      Cast vision for worship team by being devoted to prayer and the study of the word. 

○      Ensure the worship ministry at Heartland is a ministry of the Word.

○      Encourage the worship team with the truth of scripture. 

○      Shepherd the worship team by reminding them of the privilege it is to lead God’s people creating excitement rooted in the gospel. 

○      Prioritize discipleship for himself and for the worship team.

○      Serves as an under shepherd to King Jesus, relying on the leading of the spirit. 

○      Model’s humility for the worship team and the church. 

○      Build the worship ministry on the Gospel rather than on an individual. 

○      Quick to listen, slow to speak. 

○      An equipper of the saints for the work of ministry

○      Spend regular time with worship ministry volunteers both individually and in large groups. 

○      Prayerfully select and identify music to be played during the weekly gathering, events, etc. Regularly implementing new music. 

●      Worship

○      Work with pastoral staff to plan worship services / special events.

○      Prepare and provide all materials needed to worship team members digitally and in-person for rehearsals and services in advance. 

○      Lead rehearsals in preparation for worship services or equip team members  to do so. 

○      Oversee and provide support necessary to band and tech teams during worship services. 

○      Able to give and receive feedback in a healthy, biblical way.

○      Lead congregation from the platform during worship services and special events or equip the worship team to do so. 

○      Communicate with and engage worship ministry leaders both on Sunday mornings and throughout the week uses multiple communication channels. 

○      Develop and maintain an ongoing strategy for recruiting new volunteers. 

○      Work with volunteers to sharpen their skills.

○      Manage the worship arts ministry budget. 



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