Discipleship is obeying the call to follow Jesus and help others to do the same. As we do life together, discipleship happens by teaching each other to obey the commands of Christ through instruction, example, encouragement, and accountability.



Discipleship at Heartland happens through a variety of different avenues. Every thing we do plays into the impact we are called to make in scripture, to fulfill Great Commission. For us that is practicially expressed through every area ministry. Every area of ministry, kids, students, communiuty groups, men, and womens, has the goal of making disciples in Desoto County and beyond. We also have opportunities for what we call, Ask the Pastor teachings throughout the year. Ask the Pastor affords you the opportunity to pose questions in regards to discipleship, theology, church life, etc. Click below for information on a variety of different minsitries at Heartland, all with the intentional goal of fulfilling the Great Commision in Desoto County and beyond. If you have questions about where to plug in, feel free to contact Pastor Dillon.